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EAAMS, the Electronic Atlas of Ancient Maya Sites

The Electronic Atlas of Ancient Maya Sites is a pan-Maya registry of ancient Maya settlements.

If you are a researcher in the Maya area, we especially welcome you to supply locational and other information about newly investigated sites or high-precision GPS coordinates for verification of well known sites.

Please email us to supply:

bulletSite name (if assigned)
bulletDescriptive location including state or department and country
bulletSite rank (Note 1)
bulletCoordinates (Note 2)
bulletSpecifications of where in the site GPS or survey coordinates were taken.
bulletOther observations

Right-click Here and save this Excel file for a sample data sheet.

Send your email to Witschey.

Inquiries about GIS data may be addressed the same.

Note 1: Site rank in a four tier hierarchy (with Rank 1 being the largest and most complex). Ranks should be estimated using the system of the Atlas Arqueológico del Estado de Yucatán (Silvia Garza Tarazona de González y Edward Barna Kurjack Basco. México : SEP, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Centro Regional del Sureste, 1980) or the basis of the ranking system you use should be explained.

Note 2: Latitude/longitude or UTM coordinates and elevation, please. For  a GPS receiver (preferred) or from survey data, please supply horizontal and vertical datums and estimated error. 


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